With the generous support of the Hyla Marrow Trust, Pedro Pet Pals was able to purchase a building in 2021.

Pedro Pet Pals’ HYLA MARROW CENTER is located at 395 West 7th Street in San Pedro.

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With the continued support from our community and other generous donors, we converted the building into Pedro Pet Pals’ main campus that features a thriving adoption center and low-cost CAMP Clinic-partnered vaccination and wellness veterinary clinic.

The Hyla Marrow Center features Hyla’s Heart to Home Cat Lounge where you can reserve the room to visit homeless cats and kittens in a warm and friendly home-like environment for possible adoption.

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We also host dog adoption events on selected Sundays. Please check the calendar on PedroPooches.com for the upcoming canine adoption events.

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Please consider donating to support the ongoing mission of Pedro Pet Pals to help animals in need.


Pedro Pet Pals supports the needs of homeless animals and other animals in need:

Cats – We purchase vet-requested, prescription food for shelter cats requiring special diets. Pedro Pet Pals also partners with other groups to find homes for cats with medical needs. We fund spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and basic testing for community cats. Humane traps and crates are provided for transport.

Kittens are the most euthanized animals in the shelter system. Fostering helps save lives. We support the Kitten Foster Program at Los Angeles Harbor Animal Shelter by providing formula, supplies, classes and training for foster families.

Dogs – Population control is a major objective for Pedro Pet Pals. The spay and neuter of pitbulls and other overrepresented breeds in the shelters is a critical initiative. We actively network shelter dogs to find forever homes and have partnered with other groups to relocate dogs to areas where there are greater chances for adoption. We help with obedience and behavior training and veterinary care for families in need.

Birds – Rescue and fostering of exotic and domestic birds prior to adoption.

Rabbits are the third most surrendered pet species in shelters. We furnish supplies necessary for their health, comfort and safety.

thank you to Hyla Marrow Trust

About Hyla Marrow

Hyla was an accomplished gymnast and dancer, leading to a long career as a stunt woman and actress in over 80 films. She was also a passionate cat-lover who created a Trust that since her death in 2016 has benefited over 60 organizations that help homeless cats find medical care and forever homes.  Pedro Pet Pals in grateful to be a beneficiary of the Hyla Marrow Trust.

PPP Hyla Marrow Center in San Pedro
proposed floor plan to Hyla Marrow Center